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Family Peace in Recovery

Navigating the waters of addiction often leaves families overwhelmed, frustrated and confused.  The aim of The Family Piece is to educate loved ones by offering education in addictive disorders and support for placing boundaries to begin to heal and function as a whole family system.

Mission Statement

Guide families to better understand addiction and navigate the paths to recovery.  Establish safe emotional boundaries within the family system to regain order in life.

A Client Said . . .

Nancy is skilled and thorough.  She was able to coordinate us in a professional and respectful manner.  Without her we would have had too many emotions involved to make informed and necessary decisions.  Her support in getting my partner on a safe path to recovery was unparalleled and made the difference, as I had been asking my partner to get help for years with no success.  

Rachel M.

Nancy has the best way with people of all ages and she has the perfect personality for applying her skills and knowledge. She gets right to the heart of the matter with honesty, dignity and respect for all.  I have to tell you that we are so much more relieved and are worrying so much less after Nancy's visit.

Glenn B.

Jane Doe - Critic

Professional, empathetic help for families and loved ones struggling with substance use issues.

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